for the love of house music

I release(d) this mix by coincidence on Valentine’s day so I decided to name it “let me show you love”. It’s all about love for the classic house sound. I combined some timeless old favourites (1, 5, 14, 16) with new stuff, and this is the result. The keytrack for me, is the sublime remix by fellow Dutchman of the Romanthony classic (11).

dj K-mart

1. Deep burnt – Pepe Bradock
2. Brotherman – Detroit swindle
3. Frontin’ – Motor City Drum Ensemble
4. Hindsight – Trus’me
5. No communication, no love – Charles Shillings
6. La Spirale – Phreek plus One
7. We magnify his name – Floorplan
8. Confess – Floorplan
9. Riseup -Tom Trago
10. Lets’ go seven – FLC
11. Let me show you love (Gerd’s Crooklyn Full Vox mix) – Romanthony
12. Why don’t ya – Baikal
13. second principles (Ame mix) – Random Factor
14. Soul clap – Recloose
15. super cadets – Motor City Drum Ensemble
16. The sun can’t compare – Larry Heard presents Mr. White

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