Stereo Total ist toll!

I never had the chance to see the German French pop-duo Stereo Total live. Last september they were booked at  the intimate venue Bitterzoet, so i decided to buy two tickets. As expected we had so much fun that evening.

Stereo Total is a Berlin-based multilingual, French-German duo comprising Françoise Cactus  and Brezel Göring. Their music is a playful, wildly eclectic mash-up of synth-popnew waveelectronicapunk rock and pop music. The most consistent element in their cut and paste compositions is a retro-hip European 1960s style, with references to psych and garage-rock as well as to 1960s French-pop in the vein of Françoise Hardy, Jacques Dutronc, France Gall, and Brigitte Bardot. Some of their most recognized tracks are kitschy lo-fi covers of pop, rock and soul songs, such as their self-consciously trashy version of Salt-N-Pepa’s electro rap hit “Push It.”
Their songs are primarily sung in German, French and English, but some of their output also features a number of other languages, such as Japanese, Spanish and Turkish.

I think their closest moment to pop-chart succes is “Liebe zu dritt” about the advantages of a threesome:

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