Maandelijks archief: november 2011

Dekmantel is one of Amsterdam’s most solid clubbing organisations, but even though their DJ sets are so familiar to party seekers around town, they’re still masters of surprise. The latest is Het Kabinet Festival, a three-day multidisciplinary party, which ties together a diverse electronic music programme with art/performances plus documentary film screenings.

Here’s a mix by Casper van Tielrooij wich includes almost all of the artists and dj’s performing there:

Great artwork by Stefan Glerum

Leslie Feist and Fin Greenall: two exeptional voices, great perfomers and songwriters. They have notging to do with eachother, but i admire them both for years now and was so happy to see them in concert last month.
FEIST played at the beautiful Carré theatre and FINK at the legendary Paradiso. They both have a new album out: Metals (Feist) and Perfect Darkness (Fink). They would make a lovely couple, performing together on one stage.

One of the old songs of the album “the Reminder”

One of the new songs of “Metals”

Fink’s Perfect Darkness tour is accompanied by an amazing light and videoshow!

This was the last song of the night (shot with my iphone, great quality!)