Terry Special

This mix is mostly about Terry Hall, singer of the british 80’s skaband The Specials. After a big fight with Jerry Dammers, he left the Specials and the band moved on as The Special A.K.A. Terry Hal did a lot of projects, of wich The Fun Boy Three and The Colourfield were the most succesful. Terry Hall wrote Our Lips are sealed together with Go-Go’s guitarist Jane Wiedlin. In 2000 Rolling Stone named it one of the 100 Greatest Pop Songs of all time. Amy Winehouse was a huge fan of the band and added their songs Little rich girl on the setlist of her live-concerts. Terry Hall never wanted a reunion of The Specials, but since 2008 the band is touring again (without Dammers, who is the founder of the Specials!).

Listen on MIXCLOUD

I saw the concert last week in Paradiso and it was great. The crowd was dancing and singing and even Terry, who doesn’t move much, gave a little smile in the end.

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