Punk Funk

Last night i went to a nice concert of The Rapture, one of the early bands who brought back the Punk Funk revival (thanx to the track House of the jealous lovers wich was included in the very popular 2 many DJ’s mix).

A while ago i made this Punk Funk mix, wich ends with the House of the jealous lovers track by the Rapture.

LUISTER op mixcloud

1. Metro Area – Caught up
2. Lizzy Mercier Descloux – Hard boiled babe (Mutant disco remix)
3. The XX – VCR (Matthew Dear remix)
4. Prins Thomas – Mammut
5. Caribou – Odessa (Junior Boys remix)
6. Mitsu – Hush
7. Parallel Dance Ensemble – Turtle Pizza Cadillac (Yam Who? remix)
8. Prinzhorn Dance School – You are the space invader (Optimo Espacio Remix)
9. Lindstrom &. Christabelle – Baby can’t stop (Aeroplane remix)
10. Extra & J. Griffin – Haven’t been funked enough
11. Was (not was) – Wheel me out
12. Hercules & Love Affair – I can’t wait
13. Yacht – Summer song
14. the B-52’s – Mesopotamia
15. The Juan Mc Clean – No time
16. LCD Soundsystem – Home
17. Liquid Liquid – Optimo
18. !!! – Hello, is this thing on?
19. David Byrne – Big business (dance mix)
20. The Slitts – I heard it through the grapevine
21. James White & The Blacks – Almost black (Richard Sen’s Padded Cell mix)
22. Padded Cell – city of lies
23. The Rapture – House of the jealous lovers

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