Three nights in a row

As part of the “welcome 2 America Tour” Prince played three nightconcerts at the North Sea Jazz Festival in Rotterdam (Holland). I was lucky to get a ticket for the last night on Sunday. It was already anounced that every night would be different, and what i heard and read, it was very different. I absolutely loved the concert, it was everything i hoped for. Instead of an obligatory greatest hits show, he played very jazzy in the first hour, and also quite a few songs i didn’t know. He looked very relaxed and happy on the stage and the interaction with his band was great. It’s so nice of him that everyone gets his moment in the spotlight. He new found love Andy Allo is gorgeous and talented, but nothing can beat Liv Warfield and especially Shelby J. These woman can really sing! During all three concerts on North Sea Jazz, Maceo Parker was added to the band. After almost an hour the concert turned into an funk-party and Prince started playing some hits. In this tour he also plays quiet a few covers. I was totally suprised when Shelby J sang one of my favourite disco stompers by D-train (You’re the one for me).

On this excellent website you can see all the setlsist of the tour (in fact you can see them of every tour Prince ever did!)

This is the setlsit of Sunday night:
– Laydown (with Andy Allo)
– The Question Of U (instrumental) / The One
– Gingerbread Man incl. All Day, All Night (interpolation with Maceo Parker)
– When Lay My Hands On U
– Brown Skin (Shelby J. lead vocals, solo Maceo Parker)
– Empty Room
– Calhoun Square
– People Pleaser (Andy Allo lead vocals)
– She’s Always In My Hair
– Future Soul Song
– Girl (Andy Allo co-lead vocals, solo Maceo Parker)
– Partyman
– You’re The One For Me (Shelby J. lead voclas)
– Controversy incl. Housequake
– Let’s Go Crazy
– Delirious / Let’s Go Crazy
– 1999
– Pass The Peas (Maceo Parker)
– Something In The Water Does Not Compute (with Cassandra O’Neal on piano)
– Nothing Compares 2 U (duet with Shelby J., co-lead vocals Liv Warfield)
– Take Me With U (duet with Andy Allo)
– Raspberry Beret
– Cream (solo Maceo Parker)
– Cool incl. Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough interpolation

Most video’s on YouTube get removed very fast by NPG records, but i found these two of the sunday-night concert.

D-trains disco stomper You’re the one for me

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