I’m not a lover of musicals at all, but being a huge fan of the nigerian afrobeat legend Fela Kuti, i had to go to the off-broadway show Fela! It’s now playing in Amsterdam for two weeks in the beautiful Carré theater. I heard from a friend who saw Fela! in New York that’s very good so i was exited to go there last thursday. I wasn’t dissapointed on the contrary the show is very energetic with great dancers and musicians. But the biggets star is the guy who plays Fela. He’s on the the stage for over two hours singing, playing sax and dancing his heart out. If you have the chance and if you love the music of Fela Kuti it’s highly recommended to go there! ****

Right now i’m working on a Fela Kuti mix wich will be poetsed here soon. For now i leave you with some rare early footage (shot by Ginger Baker) featuring Fela & Afrika 70 performing in the rainy southeastern town of Calabar, shortly after the the Nigerian civil war.

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