Mixed Up Marvin

I made this collection of remixes, re-edits and samples of Marvin Gaye songs because i’m a huge fan of his music. When i started i had only five songs and after some research, i was suprised how many good material there was. I think his voice works great in each of these songs. Some used it very subtile (Trus’me, Moodymann, Soul Clap), others stay more true to the original (Ospina & Oscar P, Knee Deep, Al Fingers), but everyone delivers a great track.


1. War – Trus’me
2. Gettin’ Togetha – Fudge Fingas
3. Heavy love affair – The Revenge rework
4. I want you – Soul Clap & Le Loup
5. What’s going on – Acid Pauli remix
6. Got to give it up – Aleez Allez re-edit
7. Shades of Jae – Moddymann
8. Sexual Healing – Ospina & Oscar P Remix
9. I heard it trough the grapevine – Fun Machine Mix
10. Let’s get it on – MuSol V Knee Deep V Marvin Gaye
11. I want you – Kenny Dope Remix
12. Dubvine – Ashes
13. What’s going on – Al Fingers Truth & Rights mix

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